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Holz Socke Stopfen Pilz | Stopf Pilz

Darning Mushroom

Es Sei die große Lieb gelobt, die töglich mir die Socken stopft!

Moge de grote liefste geprezen worden, die elke dag mijn sokken durft te dragen!

„Wenn dich die bösen Buben locken, so bleib zu Haus und stopfe Socken!“

Wanneer de slechterikken je lokken, ga je naar huis sokken stoppen.

 A mushroom-shaped device to darn a sock on.
 The sock can be   stretched over the top of the (curved)     mushroom, and gathered   tightly around the stalk.


There was a time when a wooden darning mushroom would be an essential household item, used for darning holes in socks and patching trouser knees and shirt elbows. A time when every home would have a sewing box, full of thread and spare buttons, with a needle case holding every size of needle you might ever need, and a homemade pin cushion with a heart of wire wool, to keep the pins sharp. I have a wooden darning mushroom that belonged to my grandmother, and probably her mother before her. It is handmade, the wood soft with age. In it’s worn edges, it carries the presence of all the women whose hands held it before me to darn socks and patch up their clothes.



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