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Boeken | Schrijfkunst | Granny's Book: A Scarpbook for Memories

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€ 9,00 (Inclusief BTW)
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Mooi boek voor oma's

ISBN: 978140913251 6 (hardback)

Mooie vormgeving. 

Als nieuw/ongebruikt.

Whether you have hundreds of questions that have gone unasked or unanswered, you seek the wisdom your grandmother has gathered over the decades, or want to fill in the blanks of your childhood or hers, The Granny's Journal will preserve the spirit and heart of your family within its pages
Beautifully designed and produced, The Granny's Journal is one special place to capture all her wonderful tales, the happy memories, the highs and the lows, her motivations and inspirations - things that are too often lost as time goes by.

It is the perfect gift for grandmothers everywhere and gives you the opportunity to ask all those questions that you never seem to have time to ask.

This book is absolutely incredible and a must buy for anyone who has a granny/nanny! They write/answer all the questions in the book, which go into great detail, e.g. their bedroom, friends, family, holidays etc. Once they have completed, it's then handed down to anyone they wish, so they feel they have a source of information for all their questions they may have about their loved one! I've brought several, they're AMAZING!

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