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Papier | Artikel: het ontstaan van papier máche in Kashmir

Papier-mâché was developed in India during the rule of  the Mughal Emperors (1526 – 1857), and is still being practiced by a large number of artisans to make interesting items like boxes, bowls, flower vases, pen stands, etc. It established when one of the Mughal Emperors traveled to the state of Kashmir, a serene, beautiful valley with lakes, meadows and pastures surrounded by majestic snow clad mountain range—the Himalayas. Driven to this natural beauty, the Emperor decided Kashmir to be the ideal place to cultivate this beautiful art form. Its natural environment harnessed the creativity and romance for this art. Finally Papier-mâché took its roots in the simple homes of these gentle people – it became a folk art of Kashmir.

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