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Boeken | Poppen | Adorable Sock Dolls to Make & Love Connie Stone - Emola Lowe (Sokken poppen maken)

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ISBN 10:  0806937955 ISBN 13:  9780806937953
Publisher: Sterling Pub Co Inc, 1999

It is such a simple, old-fashioned concept, if truth be told, that it is a surprise no one has resurrected the sock-doll craft--until now. Mother-daughter team Stone and Lowe have obviously perfected the how-tos; like most Chapelle-generated books, theirs begins by telling all--materials, tools, and the basic shaping and attachment instructions. Then the more than 35 projects build on the first chapter, with dolls fashioned on zoo and farm creatures as well as anthropomorphic beings (Santa, babies, Mr. Shivers the snowman, etc.). Color photographs are plentiful, yet it can be difficult to separate one doll's directions from the next. Metric conversion chart included. Barbara Jacobs


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