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VERKOCHT | Kersenhouten Maison Sajou meetlint in een tonnetje - ecru | Victoriaanse stijl

Artikelnummer: MEE005

Is het geen schatje? Dit geweldig mooie meetlintje van Maison Sajou? Rechtstreeks uit Frankrijk. En natuulijk verpakt in zo'n schitterend doosje van Sajou.

Ecru ribbon dressmaker's tape measure.

Re-edition of a small vintage style wooden tape measure with a cherry wood stain. The tape unwinds by pulling on the ring and is rewound by turning on the small knob placed on the end of the tape measure.

The actual tape is a beige and ecru ribbon which was specially woven for Sajou.

The body of the tape measure is made in the form of a small barrel. The base diametre is 2.5cm and it measures 3.6cm in height, knob not included. It is marked Sajou in beige on two sides.

This tape measure is made from hornbeam wood.

It is presented in a lovely little Sajou box.

Obviously, our wooden tape measures do not automatically retract with the push of a button! You have to rewind them with the little handle on the top. Modernity is not the idea of these re-editions, but to find the charm of vintage sewing items. These tape measures were inspired by those found in bygone days in souvenir shops. They were often made of boxwood and decorated with the names of spa towns, tourist attractions and famous monuments.

You can find out more about the diversity of shapes and materials in the  book, “Haberdasheries of Yesteryear”, where there are numerous pages devoted to these whimsical little objects.

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