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Militaire knopen | Goudkleur | Ø .. mm | Sovjet koperen uniform Gold Star knoop van het "Rode Leger"

Artikelnummer: VKN002
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  • 2 cm
  • goudkleurig
  • Russian Soviet Buttons Red Army uniform | vintage | Hammer Sickle | Пуговицы Армейские
  • Sovjet-militaire knoppen werden vervaardigd in de USSR "MOSSHTAMP" fabriek.

Under the Red Star

In contrast to perceptions among many in the West that Soviet military uniforms were notable for their drab sameness; postwar Soviet uniforms were actually quite varied and often even spectacular (at least to a uniform fanatic like myself). Nor was Soviet uniform development ever stagnant. Changes were constant, although these usually impacted one section of the military at a time - generals, officers or soldier/NCOs. Periodically, however, across-the-board updates were issued or enough individual changes accumulated to justify a collective summation of uniform changes - as occurred in 1969 and 1989. Although somewhat simplistic, for the purposes of descriptions on this site, I will make reference to five major military time uniform periods. Please note: these periods only apply to "military" uniforms - not uniforms of other uniformed departments or ministries also found on this site.

1946-1954: Immediate postwar (modified M1943 uniforms)


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