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Szék embroidery

Szék, is in Mezőség, Transylvania, 65 kilometers from Kolozsvar (Cluj Napoca, Romania) in the Charpatian basin, hidden by hills, valleys, and forests. The beauty of this nice, small village and its people is due to their well-reserved traditions of Hungarian culture, which can be found even today in their dances, songs, music, and the different forms of artistic handcraft. 

"The Szék community remains highly traditional, with distinctive styles of music, dance, embroidery, and costume. Szék’s cultural expressions received much recognition in the 1940s when László Lajtha collected the community’s rich vocal and instrumental music. In the early 1970s—when Szék was still relatively remote and isolated—young members of the folk revival movement rediscovered these traditions, and even adopted the word táncház, which was the local term for dance-house. Szék has been the most important source of inspiration and pattern for the táncház movement and remains a mecca for folk dance and music aficionados."  


APPLIED EMBROIDERY STITCHES: chain stitch, outline stitch and satin (or damask) stitch

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