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Informatie over borduurwol | Wool Threads

Wool Needlepoint Yarn 

The most popular yarn used for needlepoint is wool. This 100 percent natural fiber is long-lasting, colorfast, wears well, and increases the life of the finished needlepoint.

There are three types of basic wool yarn for needlepoint:

  • Persian Yarn: By far the most popular yarn used for needlepoint, Persian wool can be purchased in hundreds of colors from delicate hues to bold shades. It comes from the factory spun as a single 3-ply thread, which makes it a very versatile yarn. The 3 plies can be separated into individual strands for fine stitching or used all-together to work a needlepoint project on a larger mesh canvas. When all the strands are used as one, Persian yarn has the same thickness as tapestry wool.
  • Tapestry Yarn: Tapestry wool is a single strand thread that cannot be separated for fine stitching. This one strand is thick enough to adequately cover #10-mesh mono needlepoint canvas without having to double it. It is usually sold in 8.8-yard skeins, with some needlepoint shops offering hanks for working larger needlepoint projects.
  • Crewel Yarn: Crewel wool is best known for its use in working Crewel embroidery on fabric. This fine weight yarn is similar in texture to one ply of Persian yarn. Crewel yarn is great for blending and detailed work—especially when stitching on #18 to #22-mesh single thread canvas. For larger mesh canvas, you can easily add one or more strands in the tapestry needle to get the proper coverage.
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