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1530 | Prym Een naaldengeschiedenis van meer dan 500 jaar

Wilhelm Prym became an independent goldsmith in Aachen, starting a chain of events that would lead to the Prym Group. Kerstgen Prym, presumably Wilhelm Prym’s son, was running a brass workshop in Aachen’s Kölnstrasse by 1559. Its proximity to the major zinc ore deposits in the region offered the Pryms ideal conditions for brass production.

Mass production now directs the history of Prym

Mid-19th century

  • Now named after the new manager, William Prym (1811–1881), the company began to blossom again. His son, Heinrich August Prym (1843–1927), completed an apprenticeship in Birmingham, England, and later used the knowledge he had gained there to introduce the mechanical production of small metal parts in Germany. He also broke new ground in a very different area of life by establishing a foundation to support bereaved family members, the sick, those unable to work, and senior citizens shortly before his death in 1927.

Lees er alles over op de Prym website.

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